Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Summer

Sorry to everyone who i don't talk to on a regular basis, hopefully this blog will help us all keep in touch a little better... That is if i take enough pictures and don't forget to keep writing on this. anyway... So for those of you who i may be really out of touch with yes this is now Sam Anderson formally known as Sam Wadsworth. I guess i will start back in March of this year.

I got married to my love Kurtis Anderson back on March 24t of this year. We live in an apartment in NSL and have been enjoying our time in our little apartment. After our wedding and two receptions we went on a honeymoon for a week in vegas. We had a lot of fun. Went to spamalot the tournment of Kings and all over the strip. Kurtis got to skip out on a week of school and i got a nice week off from work. After we got back we got to try to set up our apartment with all the wonderful gifts that everyone gave us. However about a quarter or more of these gifts are till at Kurtis's parents house at we still try to find places for them. :-)

After the initial Settling in and getting back into the swing of things, we were both busy playing sports. I had a Womens Basketball League on Mondays, Kurtis had Church ball Monday nights, Softball Tuesdays( i played everyonce and a while when they needed a sub), and we both played Volleyball on Thursdays. Along with going to a lot of soccer games over the summer for Kurtis, and his sisters Kimly and Kacie. Soccer is really starting to win me over now, and i think had we actually had it in MT i might have been very good. We have also spent some time watching Kurtis's Mom play softball. Its been fun being able to see everyone and enjoy the time outside.

In July we spent a week in MT. We went boating/wakeboarding/rope swinging for the first few days at holland Lake by seeley. The rest of the week we bought fireworks (amazingly kurtis let me light them even though he has been determined to keep me away from any fire after hearing stories about my pryo ways and mishaps) and canoeing from dixon to hotsprings bridge. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of sun. Blake and Jay had fun with us as well on the canoe trip, we all enjoyed a nice relaxing day on the water. The last night we were there we went over to Aunty Kay's house for some fireworks, food and family. Kenny, Linda and thier kids were there along with Kelly and Bill with there family and a suprise Kim and Mason where there with their kids and Olivia and Kyle. we also got to see Grandma Krants and Patty. The trip was just what the doctor order. I really needed a break from work as did Kurtis. It really couldn't have come at a better time.

Now to recently. I guess the biggest event in our house was just two weeks ago, at the start of college football season. Kurtis has been coveting the newspaper for the last month in antisipation for the season to start. On the 1st we kicked in the start of the season by attending a BYU game with Kurtis's grandparent. It also happened to be the game where they retired Ty Detmer' and Gifford Nielson's jerseys. They played Arizona State and brought the start of the season with a great win. We got to enjoy the day in the sun watching football and eating snow cones. It was great!!

Other than that the only other news is that I was recently suprised with a Nintedo wii. which we play all the time. I highly recommend them too. The boxing is a great work out, and you never have to pay for bowling agian! also Kurtis is now playing on two soccer teams one on monday night and the other on wednesday nights so he has something to do while i am at young womens. Yes we have both recently gotten callings at church. I am now a Laural Adviser the the Young Women at our ward and Kurtis is now the 4th sunday teacher in Elders Quorm. Kurtis has decided not to go to school this semster and that he is going to be tranfering to the U (U of Utah) for the spring semester as they will accomodate his schedual better and offer more classes. I am still working at Bonneville Mortgage Company as an Assistant loan closer.

I think thats a long enough blog for today hopefully i can update it with some pictures soon.


Dirk -- Laura -- Hayden said...

Sounds like you guys have had a very fun and busy summer! I love your wedding photos - you both look so good! :) -Laura

BigSky Dad said...

Hi guys I like your blog
Not much snow boarden for Sam this winter Thats too bad, Blake and I will be think'n of ya. Better start save'n your money for all those little D's you are going to have to buy.