Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stupid Graduation.

Ok here is a venting blog. I had my parents get me a flight a few weeks ago so kyler and i can go home for blakes graduation, and can also make some money cleaning their house. so we booked from the 19th-31st of may. We were trying to make sure i got back intime for kyler's daddy to spend some time with him on his birthday. However now we find out that MISSION IS DOING STUPID GRADUATION ON SUNDAY THE 31st. Ok so my flight leaves at like 11:30 and we actually get into SLC at 1 when graduation starts.

now this wouldn't bother me so much but the only reason they are doing this is because its softball state on saturday. Ok now still not so bad i can understand this but........ there are only like 16 real students from mission graduating and like 9 foriegn exchange students. So really how many of them are on the stupid softball team.......BLAH. Not only that but if softball is still the way it was when we were in high school they don't even have to really play well to get to state basically every team gets to state because there aren't enough teams. BLAH... and yet another BLAH for good measure. why didn't they decide to do it on a weekday as this is also memorial day weekend. BLAH BLAH BLAH...... Where is picard to tell them this stuff to make them see reason. Of all the authority in the school at least he had somewhat of a logical mind. The worst part of this whole thing is is that it was scheduled for saturday before.

So now i'm trhing to switch flights or rather my dad is trying to see if he can switch my flight and hoping to ge able to stay at least to see my brother walk in and hopefully get to see the whole graduation. If not We'll i guess i'll have to have him get his gown on and take a picture with him anyway.


Rebecca Susan said...

That's pretty fritzing irritating. Sunday of Memorial Day weekend seems like a particularly stupid day for graduation. Grrrr!!! Good luck getting flights switched!

The Green Blog said...

I would vent too. That is really ridiculous. Good luck getting your flight changed !