Sunday, April 25, 2010

hey sorry its been so long

Ok no pictures just an update. our neighbor moved recently so we no longer have internet service so thats why i have been such a slacker. on to good news its getting warm in utah and we have been cleaning up our yard.

I did a little DIY project where i painted and recovered the seats on an old metal card table from i'd say about 1960. But it turned out great we love it now.

also kurtis had to go to the emergency room a few weeks ago from a failure to tie his shoes. it ended up that he didn't acutally do anything major to his knee but it was swelled up to about the size of a grapfruit. i have picture of both of these that i'll get up when i remember to bring my camera.

Other news we love our puppy he is doing great. I've sold about 6 purses so thats going good. I cut my hair recently. And combined Kurtis and i have lost over 30 lbs in 2 months. him losing most of that i've only lost 9 so far.

we are getting new neighbors what we are really excited about they have a 2 year old son as well and she is getting ready to have another one in june though she doesn't even look pregnant. They are a fun nice couple and we're so excited for them to acutally move in. He's a big BYU fan so we figure there will be lots of talking with him and kurtis.

ummmm kyler and i are going to montana the end of this week to a bridal/groom shower for my cousin josh who happens to be getting married the same day as my sister in law. but two states away.

other than that not to much has been going on we're excited about the weather and the summer and can't wait to get out into it. I'm excited to start running again and biking so other than that i think thats really it.

hope all is well with everyone.


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Rebecca Susan said...

hahaha. . .I was thisclose to texting you last night to give you a hard time about how I hadn't heard anything from you in a while (or seen new pics of Kyler--shame!!)

Glad you're selling some bags and congrats on the weight loss! Woot woot!