Saturday, November 5, 2011


We really quick the 2nd to last weekend in october got to go up to Kurtis' grandpa's cabin near Price UT. Kurtis loves to go there and they cabin is way nice. We bring a generator and it has a tv and dvd player so at night the kids got to watch a movie while we played games.

These are HUGE Petroglyphs way up on a rock face Kurtis said that when they were younger he and his brother tried to climb up to them and the closest they could get is where the trees are in the corner of the pic which was like 20 ft below them. He's convinced that they repeled to make them.

These one's were just off the road i liked this one cuz i said it had a little mexican guy (or cowboy) in the lower left corner.

We saw all these on our LONG way home. we decided to take the back way out and it ended up taking us 2 hours to go 15 more miles. but we did get to see a lot of cool stuff.

Here's a pic of 5 generations of andersons if you include the pic of Kurtis' great grandpa in the pic behind them.

We went up for the Deer Hunt or that was the excuse anyway. They only saw like 3 deer the whole time and only one of those was a buck but We all had fun. This is kyler in his orange.

And yet again.

This is Brooklyn after we got back from our hike. With her little rosey cheeks and nose. We went up to the top of the 1st ridge and were on our way back down when we found Kyler and Janet so we went back up with them. I was in my very "Best" hiking shoes. I ended up going up in my no traction $1 croc like clogs from walmart but hey no problems so it was all good.

And this is her orange i figured since i was wearing an orange hat this should be enough orange for the both of us.

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