Thursday, January 24, 2008

OK OK I'm writing agian but you'll still have to wait for pics sorry!!!

Ok so it has been FOREVER since i last updated the blog i keep telling myself that when the baby is born i will get better. But we'll have to wait and see. Anyway Sorry no belly pictures i was really trying to get them done this weekend but alas i am a big picture slacker. So the big news as most of you know is....

ITS A BOY!!!! we found out last Thursday January 17th. (funny enough this is the day that kurtis proposed last year.) so maybe something good will happen next year at that time too. We had an ultrasound and the nurse was having trouble seeing what exactly he was because he likes to have his legs crossed. Anyway the nurse measured the body and we have some pics from the ultrasound of feet arms etc. our favorite seems to be what i call the terminator picture. its a picture of the babies eye and it looks like a machine its crazy!!! Anyway since she was unable to figure out what the baby was she assured us that the dr. would be in soon, (aka we waited for about and hour for him to come in) and that he would be able to tell us. So the dr. came in said everything looked normal and that even though the measurements put me about 3 days ahead of schedule to stay with our original due date. Then he asked if we had any other questions. To which we were both like "uhhh can we find out what it is" he seemed surprised and was like they didn't tell you and we told him that they were having a hard time so he got out the ultrasound machine again and started to probe. Also worth mentioning He seems to like to hang out right on my Bladder as if its he own personal body pillow. The nurse and the Dr. commented about how low he is. When he finally found him again he was like well i can see why they've been having so much trouble, as his legs were still crossed. so after i told kurtis to stop poking the baby the dr. used the ultrasound tool and banged it onto my stomach to get him to uncross his legs. Then came a question: "so what do you think that is" i have to admit i felt a little like Rachel from friends as i couldn't see anything. But kurtis answered quickly "its a penis" and the dr. said " its a girl.. with a penis" lol and said "no i'm just joking its about see here is the scrotum and the head of the penis, i'm 100% sure if i'm wrong you can call me" so we're pretty darn sure that is a boy!

now the news of the week. So you all know that i'm very competitive when it comes to sports. Well i've been very good not even been around sports so i'm not tempted to play. We'll i happen to be the Young Women's b-ball coach. so Tuesday was our first game. Which we won 25 to 1. however before hand i was playing around nothing hard or anything and picked up a ball and did a layup. well apparently i pulled or strained my round ligaments. So i can hardly walk now its getting a little better but i've been told by my dr. the only thing i can do is take Tylenol and hot/cold it and they gave me a number to a physical therapist. so i took yesterday off and am back at work today. hobbeling around, i was told that it doesn't get better until after the pregancy is over which could make for a miserable 4 1/2 months but we'll see.

anyway sorry no pics i'll get them soon. Love you all!!!


Callie said...

Yay, an update!!! :) Kaden enjoyed using my bladder for his personal pillow during the ultrasound too. Our little guy was very proud of his "stuff", but he wouldn't let the tech measure his head for whatever reason. Babies sure are funny...even inside of us! Glad you are doing well. Hope your injury heals up soon.

Dirk -- Laura -- Hayden said...

That's so exciting! We didn't have any trouble seeing that Haden was a boy- he was proudly displaying his package, and playing around with it, the second he put the ultrasound thing on!

Be careful with the sports! I was in the YW and the camp leader when I was prego- it was so hard to not push myself while hiking or carrying things at camp. I played volleyball with the YW/YM one night, when I was in my 2nd tri, and I sort of forgot I was pregnant or something, but I dove for the ball a few times! I was in so much pain the next day, but there's enough padding down there, so I'm sure your little guy is just fine :)