Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well I woke up and started watching the memorial service at ground zero. I thought about everything that happened that morning. I was getting ready to go to seminary. My parents alarm clock was the radio turning on and i was generally up when it went off at around 5:30 or 6 in the morning. I had missed the first tower getting hit but it was blaring on the news. I remember driving into town and having the radio going and listening. Its my Friend Callie's birthday today. Which i might not have remembered so well except for the events of that day our senior year. When the second tower was hit i was sitting in Math Class. Or teacher Mrs. Mikklesen had the tv on and the class pretty much sat in silence. i don't remember doing any work that day really except for one class American History ironically enough. Mr Biggs was also the only teacher that didn't let us watch anything either. I remember Crying in math watching everything happen. I remember the news casters reporting that one of the planes had a class of i believe high schoolers going on a trip from Seattle that were now gone. I remember trying to think of how those parents must feel. I can't imagine being on that plane those poor people realizing what was going to happen and not being able to do anything about it. I remember watching as people lept from the buildings that were on fire committing suicide instead of dying in the towers. and i remember the crews going in to try and help and then my heart sinking into my feet as the towers fell. I remember thinking about all the people that went in to help those on the lower floors to get out and being devastated thinking they were all dead as the towers fell. I remember my cousin trying to get a hold of a friend that was out there that frequently was at the worlds trade center.

I Remember hearing about the other plane hitting the pentagon and the releasing of fighter pilots around DC to make sure nothing else was coming. and i remember hearing about the brave few men that overtook the hijackers and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

To our parents generation it was where were you when kennedy was shot this is our moment of the unforgettable. It was our nations moment of unity no matter who you were, what your religion, political stance, weather you were old or young. We all came together to remember these people to feel this attack on our homes. The attack on America. Everyone Believed in a higher being at that moment and no one was afraid to say the lords name and believe over the air or the radio waves in press conferences in schools.

Where are we now. Why can't the nation work together that well all the time? why does it take a huge tragedy to take us all away from our pride. Why can't we remember, and do things for the greater good all the time instead of being so selfish. Why don't we realize that if we all lived for each other that we could all have everything we need.

Its been 10 years have we really forgotten that much? if we can all remember vividly what happened that day why can't we remember the camaraderie that we had at the time as a nation and why can't we live that way all the time?

I remember the streets covered in dust and debris. and i remember the bodies and parts of bodies around the trade center.

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