Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goings on

Well this is from about a month ago but i love this pic of my loves.

As of Saturday morning Brooklyn can now roll over. I was listening to conference while kyler was watching snow white and i was making cake balls and there she went. She's been really close for a few weeks now. now we just have to watch out for her crawling. she is already scooting her self across the floor.

And here is Brooklyn in her halloween costum. I was just going to put her in the cougar costume we put kyler in his 1st hallween but when i saw this it was perfect. I always call her snow white because she has such light skin and dark hair with her pretty blue eyes. so its perfect now if i can just get kurtis to dress up as grumpy. Kyler is going to be Bob the Builder and i'm either going to be dopey or Wendy from bob the builder.

And this is a pick of all 5 babies born on my side this summer. I was the 1st then the twins Kolton and Kooper, then Gavin and Baby Kjar 5 babies in 4 months what a summer. and yes

Brooklyn is the only girl. It seems to go that way that if i have a boy everyone else has a girl if i have a girl everyone else has a boy. Luckily on kurtis's side there are girls so were good.

Other than this we've havne't been doing a lot. Kurtis is working and going to school. I've been making dressess. I had an request all the way from florida which i made a few weeks ago. It's not like a job but it does bring in a little extra money and makes me feel like i'm helping out. I quit working a famous Footwear again. With kurtis going to school 3 night a week and needing to do home work the other nights i didn't think it was a good idea for me to keep working. Brooklyn is growing like crazy. She loves to scream and thinks its funny. She also fake coughs like kyler does. I think its pretty funny. Kyler poor kid has been having trouble going poo. He's now on meralax and things seem to be going a lot better. We are having a little trouble with him getting to into something and waiting to long to get to the bathroom which is really really frustrating for me. But since potty training went so well i guess i'm getting it now. Ninja feels a little left out but he's getting spoiled he sleeps in our room pretty much every night and when the kids are alseep he gets me all to himself.

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