Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY Camping high chair

OK So we are going camping next week and well brooklyn is kinda a handfull we don't want to take our big bulky highchar but i don't want to have to try to hold her and eat and worry about her getting down and into the fire so i saw the above camp high chair on pintrest and had to go find it out on the net. So anyway it cost 68.00. And well i wouldn't use it enough to make it worth that. So i figured i could make it on my own. I happened to have some duck canvas laying around my house i would guess this take about 1/2 yrd. If i were doing it again and buying fabric for it i would use the outdoor fabric so you don't have to worry about it getting wet and molding. 2nd you need a camp chair with arms and mine had a cup holder but thats up to you.

1. Pin the fabric tightly to the outter side of the arms of the chair, and pin about 1/2inch under on the front. (tip: If you pin the corners first it works better. You may also have to go back and tighten after you first pin.) I left about a 2 1/2 - 3 inch flap for underneath on the arms. Leave a little extra like 5 inches in the corners so you can make a flap to tug snug around the metal of the chair. cut excess
2. Make your marks of where the cup holder and where you want your opening for the kids to sit in to be. When you make the cup mark you want to be about 1/4- 1/2 inch in from the circle so if you take your pencil and put the last bit of wood thats bare from where it has been sharpened at the edge of the up holder that you can feel and make your circle from there you should be about right on. I just eye balled my see hole. I traced along the inside of the arm till i felt it would be a big enough opening and then made a semi-circle around to the other side. (tip: as i'm lazy and don't like to cut more than i have to i cut it back enought that the material touched the seat where your bum goes so you can just cut your leg holes out of that.)
3. cut your marks. Again i didin't cut my semi circle all the way out. I just cut right to where it started to curl in on both sides and left the material to dangle to the seat so i didn't have to cut another piece for the leg holes.
4. ( if you cut your flap completely off you'll need to cut another piece of fabric that goes from your opening (above) to the seat of the chair) Pin the flap to the seat and mark leg holes.
5. cut leg holes.

6. Un-pin from arms but re-pin fold.

7. I used a surger cuz hey i have one and it makes it a whole lot easier but if you don't have one you can use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine and sew around your edges. Make sure the make the pockets in the front corners to catch in the arms. Then repin back to chair.

8. Now comes the tricky part you'll want to take the material off the chair the best you can. I Wasn't able to take the original material completly off so i made due the best i could.

9. Sew your highchair material to your existing chair and whala your own camp high chair for around $10.