Monday, July 13, 2009

Harry Potter Wands how to

I Saw how to make these on Good Things Utah last week and Since i'm going to the midnight viewing of The Half Blood Prince i thought why not go all out. So these are really simple and i have to admit kinda fun to make. i wish i had more little kids or crazy adults like me to give them to or sell them to becuase they are so fun to make and really simple.
Here's what you need:
-1/2 inch dowel to desired length. (I just bought a few 36'' long dowels for 99cents at walmart. I made my wand to resemble Hermione's so i made it 14'' long However i would just suggest cutting the dowel into equal 12'' wands)
- wood stain or paint- I used woodstain because we have a bunch in our garage i also think it makes a more real effect.
-sand paper- used to make sure you won't get any slivers and to round the top of the wand
-a Peeler (potatoe)- for aging the wand and rounding the tip
- hot glue gun
-Candle Cup 1/2" hole wood peices- (i just found them next to the dowels at roberts for 99cents)
- Krylon 18 kt gold leafing pen ( i got mine at roberts for 3.00 with a half off coupon its to most expensive part of this project, but one will last you for a long time. They cost about $6.00 without a coupon.)

1. cut your dowels or have somewhere like home depot or lowes do it for you.
2. use you peeler to round the top point of the wand and to age the dowel. I just rand it up and down the dowel and left the nics and things to that it made it look more real.
3. attache the wooden candle cup to the handle end of the wand.
4. stain or paint the wand and let dry.
5. use the hot glue gun to make handle designes and whatever else you would like on the wand.
6. use the gold leafing pen and go over the hot glue.
Bam your ready to cast your spells just like harry potter.
I also used some branches from our former pine tree to make some fun wands as well. they turned out good too so you can just use whatever you have around you as well it all works good.


Rebecca Susan said...

Hehehehehe. . .your shameless dorkiness inspires me. Where's my gold leafing pen? Seriously, I need to stock up on crafting supplies for this house. Its just kind of pathetic how little we have.

Laura... and the boys said...

That's really cool Sam! I still have yet to see the movie- did you like it?