Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Its been so long stupid wifi

Ok so lets see. Not a ton has happened since we got home from Montana. Kyler of course had a bday and a haircut. He looks like a little boy now. He also started throwing tantrums which are driving me nuts. He actually dances with his body now instead of just his hands. Kurtis' bday is tomorrow. He keeps insisting that he doesn't have a birthday and that he doesn't want anything. Which drives me crazy. Just tell me something you want. So he is getting cereal and a massage for his bday. I have been running and just started biking in the last few days. We got a nice bike trailer/stroller so kyler can come along for $60. on ksl. Great buy i was so excited. We actually took a walk over to grandma's house to get kurtis' old bike and ride it home but the back tire needed to be patched so we ended up walking back home. I figure a 4 mile walk = running a mile and a half. Kurtis was in a mud volleyball tourny last friday and we went to a josh graisen? concert on saturday as part of it. it was a nice night out with some friends and without kyler. I just threw my back out again two days ago from pedaling the bike up a hill a little to hard. now i'm kinda laid up. Oh we got pictures taken of kyler for his first b-day and they are so cute but i won't have them on here just yet.
Our wifi has been horrible lately we haven't been able to do anything so we haven't been able to update this for awhile. HOpefully kurtis isnt' going to look at it this so he will see his bday presents. Anyway hope all is well with everyone. Love you all.

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Rebecca Susan said...

Its nice that you post your hubby's presents online before he gets them:) Sorry about the back, that stinks! We would love for you guys to come visit. We'll be around for sure (we don't have any trips planned any time in the rest of the year at this point). I wish you lived closer so we could be work out buddies!