Thursday, September 3, 2009

clean up and clean out

the last week i've been on this cleaning kick. I deep cleaned my kitchen on monday and i've been doing little crafty projects with things around my house to find new uses for things in my closets. I've been somewhat on this green kick too. I have such a hard time throughing things out and thinking there just going to a landfill to make everything dirty. so i've been trying to do my part to go green. here are some of my projects.

Some branches from my tree in the back yard that were dead and one of kylers old formula cans covered in paper make a nice door deco for my front patio. getting ready for fall.
This is my reversable anderson A for our front door. Kyler helped me put leaves on the 'A" for our fall look but right now its the purple from below

My cubbord cleaning. I have all my oils behind my flour and sugar etc i just like that it looks more organized

This is my favorite new addition. This is our breakfast in bed tray. Kurtis got it when i was preganant i think anyway he got it to make me breakfast in bed. we've only ever used it like twice and other than that its been sitting on top of our fridge so while cleaning i thought i would put it here and use it as a dry erase board. for dinner ideas or things i need to remember for the week.

next is my organizing attempt at my pantry. using baskets and bowls to try to organize things it looks much better than it did but now that i look at it in film it doesn't look that great yet.

This was my favortie thing i have these silver cans that i got when i was in college to put sugar and things in but i haven't used them forever so i decided to put my cookie cutters in them and my flavoring and food coloring added a little scrapbooking flare and whala. i think they are cute and add something to my space. I know its all dorky but i get some fullfilment out of it all so there ya go. now i'm working on making a multi powerstip container out of an old bread cubbord. we'll see how that goes.

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Rebecca Susan said...

Oh, I sssooo need to do this. Now that I've lived in my house for almost THREE years, I finally bought some metal shelving for my pantry, which has been being used as sort of a catch all closet that was ssssooo disorganized! I feel better already. Looks like you're making good progress.