Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review of Music, books, etc...

Ok so if you don't know yet i'm a little obsessed with the twilight series. I started reading twilight last year two days before kyler was born and read it in 3 days. I also go my mom sucked into the twilight hype as she came to help with kyler and ended up reading the book while she was staying with me. Which my mom hasn't READ a book since probably hi school because she has dislexia and its very hard for her. Anyway obviously i love this series. I can talk about it in depth and the symbolisms in it etc forever. However back to my point. The author has a wonderful site and she seems like a very fun person i love reading her posts on her site expecially her music reviews and likes. Probably more because i'm a music person and love so many different styles of music. I feel that she and i have very similar tastes in music. Anyway on her site she did a few of her favorite for the summer so i figured i'd do a few of mine.

Wurthering Heights- this book is rather depressing ina way but i love the ending. It shows how even though a person can truly be horrible how much love can control someone. My favorite character in the book is catherine II. I love her will and her um.. compassion? well you might have to read it to understand that.

Pride and Pred.- I love this book i've read it 3 times this summer. I read it while i'm reading other things just because i feel inspired by it. I love lizzy. I love how well a grasp Jane Austin has on the female psyhci. Plus i'm just a sucker for this kind of almost real life romance. I also watched sense and sensibility while in montana and have decided i need to read the entire jane Austin collection. I would say its a must for everyone well maybe every female.

Twilight series: As above i'm not going to go into detail. All i can say is i've only heard one person not like this series. I kinda takes you back to that high school ideal of romance and helps to rekindle the romance in yourself. I seriously can read these over and over i could probably read the entire series in a week if i could just sit down and read all day. I know if you haven't read them you probably won't by now but i urge you to. i was very skeptical i didn't want to read them and just decided i'd see what all the hype was about and i'm so glad i did.

Harry potter series- i know its been around for a few years but really the second time through was great. I read all the books in secession before i went to the movie and i loved them all so much better the second time through JK Rawling is a great writer.

The hourglass door- I picked this up to appease Kurtis in between reading books i'd already read. It was a bit confusing and not a great ending but entertaining. More for a teen reading but kinda fun as a filler. like the concept and could be a fun movie i think but wish it as a little better written.


Harry Potter and the half blood prince- i went and saw this at the midnight showing and haven't seen it since but even though i was a little disappointed by the ending(not at all like the book) it was wonderful. It was hilarious and serious and just all around a great movie. I love the harry potter series and watch all the movies frequently at home so i think this is a great step in the potter path.

Forever Strong- LOVED IT. It was hilarious, and has a great message. Plus its based on a true story. and one from utah so its kinda cool for those of us that live here big Buddha from channel 13 has a pretty good part in it and chunga from 101.9 the end is in it as well. All in all a great family movie with great motivation.

17 again- Ok i thought this was really funny in parts. It was very predictable but still worth seeing.

The knowing- ok so i'm pretty sure they are trying to show the tree of life at the end of this movie. Its an interesting little spooky show worth watching once i probably wouldn't watch it again though. Just an interesting way to look at whats coming.

Music- Honestly i haven't listened to much new music this summer i've kinda went back to my high school favorites mixed in with newer favs. I will say i have a guilty pleasure with miley cyrus. i really like a few of her songs and have even learned the dance to her hoedown yeah you can all laugh now.

Muse- I've listened to a lot of muse this summer because kyler's favorite song is supermassive black hole and he tends to like there sound of music which if fine with me because i like them they just aren't my favorite. but if you haven't listened to them you should check them out they kinda have a queen ballad feel. there lead singer sounds a lot like Freddy mercury. They are nice for relaxing or just chilling in the house.

The ting tings- thats not my name i don't know why but i love this song in fact kurtis and i can sing the may chorus and kyler will dance. its kinda an annoying song but its just fun.

The All American Rejects original cd- Ok i was in Alaska when this came out and someone flew out to work in the middle of the summer and had this cd i fell in love with it then bought it when i got home and listened to it all that year. Now i still love this cd it has become a part of my everyday music list.

Jimmy Eat World original cd- again just like AAR above same story. This used to be my running song in high school and has become my running song now.

"Why Does it Always Rain on Me?" — Travis- I love this song as most of you know it was on my blog all last spring. Now that its starting to rain again here i think i might have to pull it back out.

Twilight soundtrack- I had kurtis get me this for Christmas last year because i saw a few of the songs on it that i liked and figured since twilight wasn't mainstream yet and stephanie meyer was in on so much of the movie details and i liked her musical choices the cd might be good to. And it didn't disappoint. It also looks like the Newmoon soundtrack wont' disappoint either except for Death cab for cutie it looks like its going to be great too. (i just really have never been impressed with death cab sorry) But anyway love love love iron and wine now its a good cd to have you can listen to the whole thing over and over again.

Iron and Wine- Heard about these/this guy from the twilight soundtrack (thank you kristen stewart she was the one that suggested this song) and fell in love with the sound. I didn't realize i actually had heard a few of the remakes of his songs. They are worth checking out. Kinda a cat stevens feel.

AFI Crash Love LP- Ok i don't have this one yet i just checked it out today but i really like it it's alot more mellow than anything else they have but hey it kinda fits my life now. I love afi a friend introduced them to me a few years ago since then i've seen them live and have them on my phone and both ipods. Absolute must for Snowboard season and great for getting up if your working out running whatever love it.

OK i could go on with music forever but i'll stop there i hope you don't laugh at me to hard and that maybe i've given you something else to check out. anyway. enjoy-

- Sam

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