Tuesday, March 23, 2010

church Ball champs

Well thiss last weekend we had church womens basketball region. My stake has been playing together for a about a month. We actually have a pretty good team. we have one girl that played for weber all 4 yrs and was really really good. She's on most of there all time records. we also have another girl that played over seas on a pro team. and we have a few other girls that are pretty good too. and they are tall. The first time i walked in was a little in awe i think 4 of them are over 6 ft. Holly from my ward used to play in high school and then we have another girl that played highschool ball in cali which is basically like playing college ball in MT. Anyway most of our team was gone for the reagion games. We only had 6 girls to play most games with one exception we had 7 one game. This group of girls had never really played together but we had so much fun.

We actually ended up winning region. I think i've figured out why i always had random brusis in highscool. i made it through most of the games unscathed but our second to last game with a pretty hot headed team i jammed my thumb really bad and then it got bent back. I iced it when i got home and the next morning it was still huge and was starting to turn colors. I couldn't really move it so i thought i might have broken it but as you know me i played anyway. I actually think it have me a nice light touch on the ball because i think i scored like 12 points including a buzzer beater at half.

Anyway i'm so glad i got to play with these girls i had so much fun and can't wait till next year. Oh and my thumb isn't to bad i just have a bruise all around my palm and into my wrist. lol seriously i've never had a jammed finger hurt this bad but i think i only broke a blood vessel or something and thats why its brusied so bad. I'd take a picture but it just kinda looks like a shadow so i don't know if you could see it.

oh and a big thank you to kurtis who stayed home with kyler and ninja while i was out playing 4 games. he was stuck at home with them for 3 nights. thanks hun love you.

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