Monday, February 11, 2008

Euphoria of Spring

Its been awhile since I’ve wrote like this but the sun is out the skies are blue and the feel of spring is upon me. And those of you who were in Marchant’s English class in high school understand what that seems to do to me. A gentle euphoria consumes me and nothing but whimsical bliss fills my body. Its days like these that I wish I could capture in a bottle and put them on a shelf so I could take them out to enjoy on a cold winter day. The flicker of green grass through the glistening snow, a drop of hope that the beauty of the world is under there waiting for its time to shine. I think the only thing that could make this more perfect would be if the ocean we’re at my feet. I’ve always said that there is a soothing, healing power possessed in the ocean. Its unexplainable, like a wonderful magic healing. The sounds the smells the beauty and wonder of the ocean. I count myself truly blessed to be have been able to experience the ocean in its entirety for two summers. It did heal me in so many ways. Alas the spring fever has hit me, the one thing I love about living in a desert is that spring seems to last a bit longer. Spring rain, spring grass, spring flower and spring skies. I look out the window and am taken back to my childhood running through fields with that wonderful big sky above and the smells of mud, dirt and fun. My favorite place as a kid was exploring nature, the animals the water, the trees, the mud. It whisked me away to my many daydreams, I was a paleontologist, a marine biologist, I was huck fin. Sometimes now that I know I’ve become an adult I wish I could go back to those days, where my dreams where the limit and all it took to keep me occupied for hours was my imagination and a field, creek, and trees. I have a feeling that if I were back there I would still enjoy it but not to the magnitude that I did then. What is that change that happens when our imaginations seem to become dull, that our fantasies become out of our reach and we stop dreaming altogether. I believe that the euphoria of spring takes me back, it brings by my childhood, the excitement of shorts and warm weather. The chance to go outside and explore, trips and friends it brings my dreams back to my grasp with the brightness of the sun and sends light throughout my body. I can’t help but smile.


Callie said...

The past few days have been perfect here too. It made me miss spring time in MT. Glad you are feeling so blissful!

Rebecca Susan said...

Ah, how I loved the Pants Dance day. To see Marchant smile laugh--what a glorious thing! It will always be one of my favorite days, as long as I live. When it starts to get springy outside, with green grass and sunshine, I always get the urge to head for Mom and Dad's house after school to play in the creek with you and Stephen. I'm not sure that feeling will ever leave me. I say we plan a trip to NY together, just you and I, and ambush him.