Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life is a ride and i feel kinda like i'm in the passangers seat!!!

Ok so its been awhile since i blogged i was getting good at checking all the time when i was at work, well as luck would have it i got layed off on the 25 of August. Its not necessarily a bad thing. Kurtis and i had been praying about weather it was time for me to be at home for awhile and i was really starting to dread september becuase i was supposed to be going back full time. The good part of it was that it was simply becuase the company is down 70% for those who don't know i used to work for the 2nd largest commercial mortgage company in salt lake city. Also with them laying me off they acutally paid me through sept. 15th like i went back full time in september. also my insurance is paid for through the end of september so until i can get on kurtis'. also i could try and collect unemployment. Plus i didn't have to quit i'm not very good at it. anyway life since then has been a bit of a trial. i'm hopeing that means that we'll be due for some good times soon. Not that having a baby isn't the best time but we could use some good time here soon.
As fate would have it i got sick right after i lost my job i figured it was just a flu or something so didn't go to the dr until yesterday. I've been having these rediculous headaches and sore ears bad fevers and night sweats and chills.

now the worst thing that has happened of late is that our apartment was flooded by the upstairs guys toilet tank last tuesday. And our sorry exuse for a landlord wouldn't let us call a cleaning crew to clean it up since he is away in oregon and just asked if we would clean it up ourselves. normally i wouldn't mind but this was toilet water and a ton of it. our entire hall was soaked we had to tear up the carpet we wanted to remove the padding underneath but he wouldn't let us. as i was explaining it to our landlord he told me i didn't know what i was talking about that there wasn't possibly any fecal material in the water becuase the guy upstairs told him so. now i might beleive the guy upstairs except he ran into the back of kurtis' car with his truck and when we confronted him about it he said no no i didn't do that. and you can only understand about every 3rd word out of his mouth. anyway our cealing was soaked we had water coming from one of the light sockets and part of the cealing in our bathroom fell down. when kurtis talked to the landlord to complaine a little and tell him where we were coming from the landlord told him if you don't like it "get your a** out". now this upset us even more knowing that our landlord is lds and we're pretty sure he is a temple worker. anyway he called me back the next day and apologiezed forever but still wouldn't let us tear up the padding or get it professionally cleaned. I asked kurtis if he wanted to file a complaint with the health department becuase i had talked with them about it he said no we would take the high road. so now i'm living in a stinky apartment part of the cealing in the bathroom is missing and i can't breath at night because of the smell and i'm sick. also i'm pretty sure it has giving me a rash. Kyler seems to be ok we try to stay out of it as much as possible during the day. and the smell is almost gone but my electric bill is going to be outrageous this month, and i can't walk on the carpet in the hallway with barefeet. my home doesn't feel like a place to relax or even a place i want to be. i'm so done renting. anyway sorry for the rant.


Laura... and the boys said...

Sam- I hate to tell you this, but this is one time when there is no way in hell you should be "taking the high road" and putting up with this crap (no pun intended).

You need to think about the health of your baby and your family. Now, I know rotavirus has vaccines right now, but I also know that until your baby gets all the dosages for it, he is still highly succeptable to it. There was no vaccine available for Hayden. He got rotavirus along with half the other kids in the city, and I tell you what, it was the worst thing ever watching my baby go through that, then the next week I had to deal with it all over again with Dirk catching it. Rotavirus is spread through fecal and urinary germs. Now, that is just one example. What about Hepatitis? Or a million other diseases that your baby is not completely vaccinated against that travel through sewer systems. I don't care if your upstairs neighbor hasn't taken a dump in a whole year, there is fecal matter in that water and in that toilet and it's entire drainage system.

You need to go to the health department or the whoever else you can who might be above this guy in management if possible. Don't worry about how you'll look, or him being a church member or whatever, because he obviously doesn't care about your personal and health needs.

I swear if I was living there right now, I'd get on the phone with him and yell at him for you. You talk to your bishop or find a lawyer who's a family friend or something, and you make it clear that you will not be pushed around by this. If you have to, MOVE OUT, and DO NOT let them charge you any early cancellation fee. Read every little word in your renters contract. There's something in there that will save you. But you do not take the "high road"... because if your little boy gets sick from this, you'll regret that.

okay, i'm done now. seriously. do it. now. stop waiting. call them. :)

oh- and sorry to hear about your job. I could give you the "everything happens for a reason" speal, but you already know that, so I'll just say this -Sometimes life just sucks-

Love ya :) Keep your head up, this too will pass.

The Crockett's said...

Keep your chin up Sam. It'll get better! When it rains, it pours, huh? We'll keep you in our prayers. Turn to the Lord, He'll carry you through. And good luck with your apartment! What a mess (in every sense of the word)! Take care and feel better.

Moosman Fam said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear of the hard times you are going through. I ended up being a stay at home Mom because of a lay off and somehow it just worked out. If you need a place to crash during the day... feel free to come by and hang out with us, and let me know if I can help with anything... I know you already know it... but it will all work out somehow... keep the faith.

Callie said...

Sam, I am with Laura on this one!!! You need to think about Kyler's health on this one. The landlord is required by law to make the repairs necessary. Check into the renter's laws in your state. Most laws say that you can have it repaired and have the charges deducted from your rent. Use your resources through your church, girly. This is not okay. If I were you, I would be looking for a new place...ASAP! I don't care who this guy is or what he is...he's screwing you over!!! You have rights as a renter and that includes having a clean living environment!

Hang in there...things will look up!

Rebecca Susan said...

No wonder I haven't heard from you since the day you quit! I was thinking the day before yesterday that I really ought to call/text you or something and see how things were going. I'm with Laura. . .this guy's acting like a slumlord, and if he's a Priesthood holder, and ESPECIALLY if he's a temple worker, all the more need for him to be held accountable. If he's saying that he's being "honest in all your business dealings" and won't make the changes necessary without threat, then you need to make sure he is held accountable for his own sake as well as for yours. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Jerilyn said...

Sam, congratulations on the job situation! I for one think it's a wonderful thing for you. Remember when we were at dinner and you said that you hate it? Voila, no work and getting paid through the 15th. If only I could have that luxery. Then you could hang out with me at my house all day long instead of in your poopy apartment. What a mess. When your landlord is back in town, make sure he gets his lungs full of the nasty pooh air. Then trip him so he lands face-first on the soggy carpet padding. That'll show him.