Tuesday, January 5, 2010

christmas New years and beyond

Ok so i haven't blogged for a while Kurtis keeps telling me "hey you haven't put anything up yet." so here is my attempt. we'll see if the computer complies with my efforts. oh by the way my finger is now better i had kurtis take out the stitches last week. we spent New years Not quite knowing what we were going to do. Kurtis ended up not having to work from after tuesday that week and i was supposed to work both wednesday and thursday but ended up not having to work thursday. we were going to go up with Kurtis' family to his sister Kimly's fiance's families cabin at the border of wyoming and utah from wednesday on but becuase of the work schedules didn't work out then we were going to do the regular new years with earnshaw family but we decided we didnt' want to take kyler all the way to provo and back late at night. so we ended up going to kurtis' aunts house and playing games. We got thinking after that we should have just left thursday for montana and spent a few days there. I really wish we would have but oh well. i won't bore you anymore i think thats whats up with us right now.

This is Kurtis' winning challange from would you rather the other night with our friend Katie and Brandon.
Kyler jamming out on new years day with his saxophone. Mabey he'll be like mommy and play a real one someday.

This was my attempt at taking kyler sledding last week. Didn't end up sledding at all but eating a lot of snow and chasing a cat.

Oh and sucking on his hat.

eating more snow

Running after the cat

This was one of the mornings kyler was trying to get out of his chair and got stuck.

I did get him out but of course not until after i got a few pics.

This is the Larry H. Miller sing a long at Energy solutions arena. This was a very fun thing to go to. It was free and they gave us vouchers for a jazz game, a bee's game (baseball), buy one get one free at the motorsports go carts, and 1 free large popcorn at a movie. Plus that night we got a free hot dog and drink. Also Peter Brianholt? was playing a mini concert so it was great. he is amazing if you've never heard of him google his youtube video of taylor swift and viva la vida that he played it is amazing.

Kyler not sitting at the sing a long
Christmas morning. I don't have very many pictures this year but a few video's i just didn't want to wait for them to load so here ya go.

Our hill of paper.
Santa's cookie and water by the fireplace we wanted to make sure that santa was being a little healthy and had lots of water .

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Rebecca Susan said...

Look at that big boy running through the snow! I love that he's eating something in nearly every picture--snow, a hat, a block, his foot. True toddler style! :)

I especially like the foot one. "Hey, I'm stuck in my chair, but I can snack on my toes, so its all good".