Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok for laura and anyone else wondering my Due Date is June 7th, but i'm shooting for him arriving on May 31.

So preganancy has done a number of weird things to me and my body but among the newest development has been my eye sight. I have been having some blurry vision lately and trouble getting things to focus like letters on a computer. Since i have been under watch for getting preeclampsia i have been monitoring things like this lately. aka swelling fat feet, fingers, face(check) headaches (check) blurry vision (check) Stomache Pains (Check) Protien in Urine (Check) High blood pressure NOPE. So at my dr appointment the dr and i talked about all the symptoms i've had. We figured that the swelling feet was from traveling and not getting enough water, that the headaches adn blurry vision went together, and the stomache pains were either gas or something to do with my gull bladder that we can't do anything about until after the baby is here anyway. I think the protien in my urine happend to be because i had a big steak the night before for dinner. And since i have really low bp 116/71 i do not have preeclampsia. which is great.

So now it was time to figure out what was wrong with my vision after talking with some people at my office and becky and reading different things on the net about vision and pregnancy and the weird things it can do to you i decided to get my eyes checked. So after the exam the dr told me its very common that after the baby is born that your eyes go back to normal. Meaning in short that my yes got worse in fact one eye was as much as .75 worse. The good thing is that i can go back after the baby is born and he will check my eyes for free since its only in a few months.

I've decided that your body is just stupid the first time you have a baby it doesn't know what to do or what is going on. Or that at least that is what my body has done. However i am very happy that my baby is healthy and i for the most part am healthy and have had no real complications. one more day and i am 32 weeks. wahoo!!!


Rebecca Susan said...

Eight weeks to go!! But hopefully more like five:) You're really starting to make me not get pregnant again, you sound so miserable. I'm glad that your baby is healthy. I didn't realize that time was winding down so quickly--I better get started on those elf booties and hat! :)

Callie said...

I can't believe how far along you are!!! Oh my goodness, you are getting close. If you have any questions about labor, it is pretty fresh in my mind! :)

I had to get new glasses and contacts during my pregnancy too 'cause my eyes had gotten so bad. isn't comletely unusual! :)

Dirk -- Laura -- Hayden said...

Yeah, my eyes changed a ton while I was pregnant. I read in a few sources that it's pretty normal. It's good you got it all checked out though.

I went to the eye dr. a few months after I gave birth and got a new Rx... but since then my eyes have gotten more better- so they're closer to where they were before the pregnancy thing. I wish I would have waited longer, or at least not bought a whole year of contacts at a time! I'm getting terrible headaches... Here my kid is almost 2yrs old, and I still haven't figured out my eye mess-ups from the pregnancy. lovely.

YAY!! You're going to have your baby and then I'm coming to Utah and I'm sooooooo going to have to come and see you and your little cutie :) I knew your date was in June, but I couldn't remember when. I'm going to MT then Utah around the 15th, so hopefully I can see you and your little sambino then! :) :)