Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm starting to think now i have pregnancies like my mom.

Ok so i really really can't wait for this little guy to get here!! i'm getting really excited. The new news this week..;...

I had to go into the dr. to run some tests yesterday. It all started wednesday night. I got home from work. kurtis was working in Price which is about 2 1/2 hours away. I kinda lazily sat on the couch and watched some tv, then i picked up a bit and at about 6PM i decided i needed to take a shower before i headed of from wednesday night activity at the church for YW. So as utah i've decided has now turned to montana weather it has been cold the last few days with snow coming down. (next week we are supposed to be close to 80 again) Anyway i get in the shower and its so nice to be warm so i turn the heat up just a bit get done with my shower turn off the water and as i turn around to get out i get really dizzy and my muscles just kinda give away so i decide to kneel down in the tub so i don't fall over. At this point i really only remember closing my eyes and then as i came to i remember kind of shaking. So after this i'm a little freaked out but i'm ok. I got into our room get dressed and grab my pregnancy book looking for some sort of comfort information in there. i also text kurtis telling him " hi hope everything is going well. i think i may have just had a small seizer or blacked out" he didn't answer so in about 5 min. i called no answer again and then about 5 sec. later i get a call. he hadden't yet read his text so he was calm. I talked with him for a bit and then told him the news. his reacation "you aren't going anywhere tonight. I'm calling my mom and she is going to come pick you up." said i love you and called his mom. As it is His sisters wedding tomorrow they were out at dinner, but had his sister kimly come get me. So word travels fast in this family and by the time we got to his parents house that is 5 min away i got a call from Aunt Susie telling me i need to call my dr. Oh and also i let my YW leader know that i wasn't going to make it and she was about ready to drive me to the hospital then. You all know me i'm not much of a fusser. I mean come on 2nd degree burns and i didn't go to the hospital for about 7 hrs. or something like that. anyway so i called my dr.'s office and luckily my dr. was the one on call that night. The nurse paged her and she called me back about 10 min later and told me i had probably had a case of Vaso Vigo (not sure on the spelling) but basically is a dizziness brought on by heat. She told me that i should just rest for the night and if it didn't go away by the next day to call her and they would run some tests. I HATE TESTS.

So the night was fine and the morning was going great. I got up it was snowing so kurtis didn't have to go to work he was getting ready to go play raquet ball with his sister. And we ate a breakfast together which was nice, i got ready for work. And then about 5 min after that i sat on the couch and it hit again. i was dizzy and didn't feel like i could hold my head up. So told kurtis i wanted to go to the store to check my Blood Pressure. So i called work told them i needed to call my dr. and about what had happened the night before. Then we headed to the rec center and i called my dr. I was starting to feel a bit better when the nurse finally called me back but my dr. wanted me to come in for some tests anyway so we went home kurtis got out of sweaty clothes and took me to the hospital. I had a blood test and they checked my blood pressure, then sent me on my way and told me they would let me know.

The nicest thing about this day was that kurtis cleaned the extra bedroom and started to put the crib together. Anway the verdict is that my blood test was fine except i am anemic. So they have me know on iron pills and they say that it might also be an inner ear infection and that if my ear starts to hurt i need to go to a dr. and have it checked out.

All in all today is 5 weeks till delivery, and i'm so excited to get him here i'm ready for him to be here now. Its scary when i i'm lying in bed in the morning with kurtis to think soon there will be a third one in our little family, no longer just the two of us. but at the same time i'm looking forward to brining baby home and watching him grow. Anyway girls All is well and we'll keep ya updated.


Callie said...

Wow, and I thought my pregnancy was dramatic! Hopefully since you pregnancy has been so eventful that your delivery will be smooth sailing.

Hang in there. You are in the final stretch!

It is the weirdest feeling being all cuddled up on the couch now with David and our baby! I look at Kaden and think, "I have a baby! Weird!" It is the most amazing thing ever, though. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Rebecca Susan said...

Golly! Maybe you're getting an angel, so you have to go through all the hard stuff before he gets here! This just doesn't seem fair. I hope the iron works wonders for you (it did for me when I was anemic, but i wasn't pregnant). Start eating lots of brocolli and spinach:) Hope you squeeze that little monster out soon.

Dirk -- Laura -- Hayden said...

reading this while i'm hopped up on ambien was really interesting. I think every time I tried to read the word "dizzy" i got dizzy. wierd.

Well, just a little bit further to go. Take good care of yourself. brain just about died. I shouldn't do this when I'm drugged. Love ya sam!